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New Music Friday - June 3, 2016

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Cat’s Eyes - Treasure House

After the release of their excellent self-titled debut album in 2011, it seemed Faris Badwan had forgotten about his side project with Rachel Zeffira. In the time since, he refocused on his main band, The Horrors, and released two albums with them. Last year, the duo released a soundtrack for the film The Duke of Burgundy. That seemed to bring them back to life; just over a year after the soundtrack, they're back again with their sophomore album.

Watch: "Drag"
Watch: "Chameleon"

The Kills - Ash & Ice

I thought The Kills had been forgotten by their members as well. Their last album was Blood Pressures, released in 2011. Following that album, vocalist Alison Mosshart returned to her side project, The Dead Weather, and released Dodge & Burn last year. Not long after, she got back with Jamie Hince for The Kills' fifth album; two welcome returns in two years!

Watch: "Siberian Nights"
Watch: "Heart of a Dog"

Ladyhawke - Wild Things

Ladyhawke's Pip Brown has been performing for 15 years, but has taken time between each album's release; with only three over her career. Her last record was 2012's Anxiety. Her third album doesn't follow four years of idleness for the artist. She had recorded a collection of darker songs, but felt it didn't reflect her. She went back to the drawing board with producer Tommy English to lighten things up.

Watch: "A Love Song"
Watch: "Sweet Fascination"

Paul Simon - Stranger to Stranger

Paul Simon has been at it for almost six decades and has never shown any signs of slowing down. His latest follows 2011's So Beautiful or So What. The album sees Simon experimenting a bit; using new tools and working with new collaborators. He recorded three songs on the record with Italian electronic producer Clap! Clap! Not many artists in their 70s are willing to try something new, but Simon's willingness to experiment earned him another acclaimed record.

Watch: "Wristband"
Listen: "Cool Papa Bell"

Tegan and Sara - Love You to Death

Following an 18-year career, Tegan and Sara scored their highest-charting album with Heartthrob in 2013. Now, they are in the unenviable position of following that up. They do so by proving that they can still produce some of the greatest pop songs of this generation. With an obvious call-back to 80s synthpop on many of the album's tracks, they even manage to make a sometimes grating style of music appealing!

Watch: "100x"
Watch: "Boyfriend"

Other Full-Length Releases

Amber Arcades - Fading Lines

Watch: "Right Now"
Watch: "Fading Lines"

And the Kids - Friends Share Lovers

Listen: "Kick Rocks"
Listen: "Friends Share Lovers"

Classixx - Faraway Reach

Watch: "Whatever I Want" (featuring T-Pain)
Listen: "Just Let Go" (featuring How to Dress Well)

Erin Tobey - Middlemaze

Listen: "Work it Out"
Listen: "All Over the World"

Fear of Men - Fall Forever

Watch: "Trauma"
Watch: "Island"

Kino Kimino - Bait Is for Sissies

Watch: "Passion"
Watch: "Rosy Rudiger"

Minor Victories - Minor Victories

Watch: "Breaking My Light"
Watch: "Scattered Ashes (Song for Richard)"

Moonface & Siinai - My Best Human Face

Watch: "Risto’s Riff"
Listen: "Them Call Themselves Old Punks"

Mourn - Ha, Ha, He.

Listen: "Evil Dead"
Listen: "Storyteller"

Psychic Ills - Inner Journey Out

Listen: "Another Change"
Listen: "I Don’t Mind" (featuring Hope Sandoval)

Saqqara Mastabas - Libras

Listen: "Uto on the Upswing"
Listen: "Smoking in the Mountain, Embalming in the Valley"

Steve Gunn - Eyes on the Line

Watch: "Park Bench Smile"
Watch: "Ancient Jules"

Whitney - Light Upon the Lake

Watch: "Golden Days"
Watch: "No Woman"

William Tyler - Modern Country

Listen: "Kingdom of Jones"
Listen: "Sunken Garden"

Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Bishop Nehru - Magic 19

Watch: "It’s Whateva"
Listen: "$acred Visions"

Charge It to the Game - Urban Hall of Fame

Watch: "Bite Me" (featuring Hemlock Ernst)
Listen: "Andale"

David Bowie - A Reality Tour Reissue

Watch: "Rebel Rebel"
Watch: "Heroes"

Mac Miller - Best Day Ever Reissue

Watch: "Best Day Ever"
Watch: "Senior Skip Day"

Madeline Kenney - Signals

Watch: "Tricky Way"
Listen: "Signals"

Me Before You: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Listen: Jessie Ware - "Till the End"
Listen: Imagine Dragons - "Not Today"

Naomi Pilgrim - Sink Like a Stone

Watch: "No Gun"
Listen: "I Wonder"

Pink Floyd - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn Reissue

Listen: "Astronomy Domine"
Listen: "Lucifer Sam"

Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets Reissue

Listen: "A Saucerful of Secrets"
Listen: "Let There Be More Light"

Pink Floyd - More Reissue

Listen: "Cirrus Minor"
Listen: "The Nile Song"

Pink Floyd - Ummagumma Reissue

Listen: "Careful with That Axe, Eugene"
Listen: "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"


Listen: Bonnie “Prince” Billy - "Most People"
Listen: Jenny Lysander - "The Horn Still Blows"

Songs of Summer

Listen: The Mountain Goats - "Summer"
Listen: Baio - "Don’t Fight Fate"

Speedy Ortiz - Foiled Again

Listen: "Death Note"
Listen: "Emma O"

Vic Mensa - There’s a Lot Going On

Watch: "There’s a Lot Going On"
Listen: "Danger"

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