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New Music Friday - April 21, 2017

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Essential Full-Length Releases

The Raveonettes - 2016 Atomized

Last year, The Raveonettes undertook a different kind of music release project. They released one track, each accompanied by a lyric video, once a month throughout the year. They considered the project to be their Anti-Album. Although the project was attempt to subvert the album, all of those tracks are combined for this more formal release.

Watch: "Fast Food"
Watch: "Choke on Love"

Ray Davies - Americana

I recently learned that Davies' last name is pronounced like "Davis". I had always assumed the slightly more interesting sounding "Dave-ees" and was slightly disappointed by the information. Anyways, the former co-frontman for The Kinks embarked on his solo career a little over 20 years ago. Americana is his fifth solo record, and serves as a bit of a love letter to this land on the other side of the pond.

Watch: "Americana"
Listen: "Poetry"

Shamir - Hope

After releasing his well-regarded debut, Ratchet, in 2015, Shamir had expressed some reticence about continuing his career. However, he had a spate of inspiration a few weeks back and wrote, recorded, and released his second album. He released the album himself, with no label support and no prior promotion.

Listen: "What Else"
Listen: "Hope"

Other Full-Length Releases

Cotillon - The Afternoons

Listen: "Alex’s Room"
Listen: "Black Sea"

Joe Goddard - Electric Lines

Watch: "Home"
Watch: "Music Is the Answer"

Maxïmo Park - Risk to Exist

Watch: "Get High (No I Don’t)"
Watch: "Risk to Exist"

Real Life Buildings - Significant Weather

Watch: "No News"
Listen: "Cold"

Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Cream - Fresh Cream Reissue

Listen: "Sleepy Time Time"
Listen: "Dreaming"

Exhibition - Last Dance EP

Listen: "No One There" (featuring Julian Casablancas)

Föllakzoid - London Sessions

Listen: "Earth" (featuring J. Spaceman)

Frank Zappa - Roxy by Proxy Reissue

Listen: "Echnida’s Arf"


J Dilla - Motor City

Listen: "Motor City 1"
Listen: "Motor City 2"

The JuJu - Exchange

Listen: "We Good" (featuring Jamila Woods)
Listen: "Glide"

Woods - Love Is Love

Watch: "Hit That Drum"
Watch: "Politics of Free"

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