Sunday, April 29, 2018

Upcoming Album of the Week (Ending April 28, 2018)

We went to a wedding last night and, while the ceremony was beautiful and the food delicious, the real stand-out was the night's entertainment. The couple hosted live band karaoke and invited the guests to perform their favorite songs. I went with my new favorite karaoke go-to, Mark Ronson's and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk"!

I keep hearing small updates about Ronson teaming up again with some of his collaborators from his most recent album, including Tame Impala's Kevin Parker. If we get anything concrete, check it out over at my Upcoming Releases page!

Last week, Dutch artist Amber Arcade announced her sophomore album, European Heartbreak.

It's always interesting to hear about musicians who didn't just start recording and releasing music as teenagers, but instead held other careers before. Arcades has a masters in law and worked for the United Nations on war crimes tribunals.

She recorded her first release while still working in law, self-funding a session in New York City. That caught the right ears and she released her debut, Fading Lines, in 2016.

She announced the new album on Monday and released a new track and video, "Simple Song". The album is scheduled for release on September 28.

Also announced this week:

The Breeders - Last Splash Vinyl Reissue (May 18)
The Breeders - Mountain Battles Vinyl Reissue (May 18)
The Breeders - Pod Vinyl Reissue (May 18)
The Breeders - Title TK Vinyl Reissue (May 18)
Flaming Lips - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (June 1)
Phil Cook - PEOPLE ARE MY DRUG (June 1)

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