Monday, November 1, 2010

Bunny Day and the Mercy Buckets

Last weekend, well, the weekend before Halloween, a good friend of mine came to the Pourhouse in Bloomington with her band. Well, duo technically. Their music is a bit difficult to describe,but basically, it's folk. Beyond that, they've been described as Balkan, freaky folk (if you're in such a mood), junkband, folka (folk/polka, if ya don't know) and swampwater. It's a crazy mix, and their music truly reflects the best way possible. It's also incredibly catchy.

The duo consists of two pretty girls, Amy & Lacey, who play guitar, accordion (Lacey), banjo (Amy) and saw (Lacey)...obviously, not all at the same time...and sing. Accompanying them is a slew of various friends to add a percussive element, supplying anything from the basics, like tambourines to more unique instruments, like wooden boxes suitcases stuffed with towels. What results is a homegrown, DIY sound that manages to be accessible, yet incredibly new and unique.

I first had the opportunity to see them back in May, when they performed at the Swan Dive in Germantown, Louisville, as well as watch them practice at home before the show. They've grown a lot in the short time since them and I can't wait to see where they go from here, even if it is just to say that "I knew them when..."

Below is the song that always gets stuck in my head I think of the band:

I'll be sure to post the next time they're in town!

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