Monday, November 22, 2010

New music videos

Male Bonding - "All Things This Way"

Male Bonding is a relatively new band out of London. They have a noise rock sound, which I find interesting as not many of the noise rock bands that have been coming out lately have been from outside the United States. It's a pretty basic video, just showing the band performing the song at a show. The song itself is great, though, with a bit of a surf rock sound to it.

Band of Horses - "Dilly"

Band of Horses has become one of my favorite bands, their last album "Cease to Begin" was one of my most played last year. They released a new album, "Infinite Arms," earlier this year and this video is for the third single. It's a fun video with a spaghetti western production value to it and featuring a motorcycle gngn that rides, dances and shoots people with their finger-guns. I love the name of the gang, "LSDemons." The video is a bit graphic, so if you think it may be too much for you, there is a clean version.

Twin Sister - "All Around and Away We Go"

I know I recently said that I had an issue with Andrea Estella's voice as she performed with The Morning Benders, but here, her voice works well. The song is from their debut EP, Color Your Life. The video is a colorful, '80s-esque dance-fest; the dancing reminds me of the moves I would make up in middle school. You can tell the band had fun shooting it, making the video really enjoyable to watch.

Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"

This video, directed Spike Jonze, is more of a short film. It follows a group of teenagers living, of course, in the suburbs. It's a great concept, with the kids living in what appears to be a militarized suburban area. The main conflict of the film comes after two of the boys are stopped by the Army forces. The video manages to make me feel nostalgic about my childhood, even through the military elements in the piece, which, of course, I didn't experience as a child growing up in Indiana.

Sufjan Stevens - "Too Much"

Another trippy colorful video this week, this one from Sufjan Stevens for his latest release, The Age of Adz. The stop-motion left me feeling a little dizzy, but it's a cool video. I believe I saw a bunny in the opening sequence, as well as one of the performers wearing rabbit ears, could this be a reference to his previous releases, Enjoy Your Rabbit and Run Rabbit Run?

Simian Mobile Disco - "Sweetbread"

This is one of the lead singles from their upcoming album, Delicacies, in which all of the tracks are named after foods that the band has eaten while on tour. Given that, I'm not sure what this particular video has to do with sweetbread. The video features a man butchering some meat, not sure what kind of animal, maybe lamb or goat. I wouldn't suggest watching if your vegan or vegetarian, or just have a weak stomach.

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