Wednesday, May 18, 2011

America's Next Top Model finale!

Last night was the finale of a surprisingly interesting season of America's Next Top Model. It was down to Molly and Brittani. Molly was the athletic blonde with "abandonment issues" who took good pictures throughout the entire season. Britanni was the trailer park girl who took marginally weaker pictures but had an "amazing" runway walk.

The finale played out pretty much the same way it does every season. The girls started with the CoverGirl commercial and photo shoot. Both pretty much bombed the commercial; Brittani spoke way too fast and Molly had zero emotion. At least Brittani looked good, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell they dressed Molly in. Their photo shoots went better, though neither photo came out particularly good; Molly had a crooked mouth and Brittani had a bad case of man-hand (though both were, of course, praised in panel).

Then, in a newer addition since the show went "high-fashion," they did a photo shoot for a Vogue Italia spread. Brittani seemed to do well; Molly, however, was pissy...she was cold, ate a nasty sandwich and it apparently showed.

In another new addition, they finalists' parents came to visit in Morocco (this season's trip abroad). Actually, only Molly's parents came, Brittani's mom is agoraphobic. Molly's parents were nice and polite to Brittani, though, aware that her parents couldn't make it.

Finally, it was time for the final runway. They actually got a named designer, Vivienne Westwood; though I think I prefer when they go with designers of whatever country they happen to be in. Both walks were, quite honestly, kinda bad. Brittani walked too fast and Molly jiggled. They did look fabulous though. Brittani effed up...twice. First, she cracked up while posing mid-runway with Molly, then tripped and slammed into a wall.

Deliberation time. For no explicable reason, the girls got another makeover (keep in mind, this is after every aspect of the competition is over). Brittani looked cute, but Molly (while looking better with shorter hair), got a horrible bowl cut. Molly started crying before the winner was announced, however, once Brittani was announced winner, was stone-faced.

All-in-all, I'm happy with the winner. I liked Molly, but generally felt a little apprehensive about her. Brittani was the better overall choice.

Brittani ANTM Covergirl
Our winner!

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