Sunday, May 29, 2011

Look into the eyes

My Morning Jacket's new album, Circuital, drops on Tuesday (it's amazing, by the way...streaming at NPR).

Looking at the album artwork, it looked familiar; I've seen this before...somewhere:


After some reflection, it hit me. It's a version of album artwork I've seen too many times before (albeit considerable more robotic).

The earliest example in my collection of this cover is Scott Walker's Scott 3 album, released in 1969:

Scott 3

In 1990, The La's released their self-titled (and only) album, with a very similar cover:

The La's

Finally, just last year, Rufus Wainwright released All Days are Nights, this album's cover, too, had a oft-featured theme:

All Days are Nights

All four covers are striking. It's better than a photo of the lead singer holding a guitar and at least MMJ's is a little different, but no else is allowed to this anymore (since I have so much say here), I'm putting my foot down.

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