Saturday, May 14, 2011

Top Model All-Stars Cast

The cast for the all-stars season of America's Next Top Model has been announced!

Alexandria Everett (season 16)
She was just eliminated from the current season. She's not going to have as much of a following as some of the other girls may have, but she was crazy, so she m be interesting to watch.

Allison Harvard (season 12)
This was one of my most disappointing losses. One of the few girls ever on the show who even kind of looked like she could model professionally and she lost to...Teyona???

Angelea Preston (season 14)
Seriously...this girl skated by each week to third runner-up only because there was always a photo worse than hers. She was kind of mean, but I had to look her up to remember who the heck she was.

Bianca Golden (season 9)
Not spectacular, but as long as they don't shave her head again I'm good with this addition (girlfriend does not have the right-shaped head for a close-shave).

Bre Scullark (season 5)
Yes! Crazy bitch and she's actually had a pretty good career. Top Model winners get promised commercials, but they get featured for a millisecond, at best. Bre had a speaking part in a Garnier commercial, so take that girls who thought winning Top Model would actually make them a top model!

Brittany Brower (season 4)
No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This girl was just bad. More party girl than top model. She only stayed on as long as she did because she resembled Janice Dickinson (who was a judge back then).

Camille McDonald (season 2)
Just one word, eh...

Dominique Waldrup (season 16)
Another girl from this past season and another She didn't even live up to a promise of being interesting. Doesn't look like a model and doesn't have an interesting presence...what's the point of bringing her back?

Isis King (season 11)
Yayyyy!!!! She's coming in at a much better time to make a real impact. As long as she doesn't trip up on insecurities again, she better make it to the top!

Kayla Ferrell (season 15)
She was good, technically, but she never really excited me.

Laura Kirkpatrick (season 13)
One of the girls from the "short" season, which may be to her disadvantage (considering how much they enjoy ripping on the shortest girl each cycle that she doesn't look as tall as the others). However, I loved her, one of the few times I would have been happy whoever of the top two won.

Lisa D'Amato (season 5)
Oh good lord, this is going to be interesting. Her and party girl Brittany up there will keep this season good and liquored up!

Shannon Stewart (season 1)
Elyse Seward is probably so beyond this show now, that her exclusion doesn't bother me. So, if we have to take anyone from season 1, this is a great choice. I don't know what's happened in her life beyond the show, but I can imagine her being the "mama bear" of the house.
Sheena Satana (season 11)
Yeah, no...

There's a few I'm sad not to see: A.J., Shandi, Heather. All in all, this feels like a random sampling. With a few exceptions, these aren't among the best models from their seasons, nor were many of them particularly interesting personalities, seems they just took whoever they could get. That may explain why Jade Cole is missing, she didn't think the pay was enough (how much could she possibly be making faux-modeling?)

So, from this list, I'd say Allison, Bre or Isis to be most likely to win. First to go home will be Sheena, Angelea or Dominique.

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