Monday, May 2, 2011

New Music Tuesday - May 3, 2011

This is a big week for long-awaited follow-ups and much anticipated releases.

Architecture in Helsinki - Moment Bends
Moment Bends
I only started listening to Architecture in Helsinki around this time last year, but quickly fell in love with their sound. Their last album was released in 2007; even a year ago, there were reports of an impending follow-up, some which went back to 2009. Well, it's only been two years since that speculation, but the album is finally here!
Watch: "Contact High"

Aretha Franklin - A Woman Falling Out of Love
A Woman Falling Out of Love
I've seen this title floating around for just over a year, with some sources reporting that it had been released last year. However, I could never find any proof that it really existed, not even an announcement from the queen herself. Although this title has been floating around for awhile, the first real announcement I saw for the album was last week. It appears Aretha is back to form after her recent health issues, a welcome return.

Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee, Part 2
Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
This was supposed to be released about a year and a half ago as Hot Sauce Committee, Part 1, but was initially postponed due to MCA's cancer. Even after he was cancer free, however, the album remained without a set release date. After a long wait, it's being released, as Part 2, though the songs are the same...there's supposed to be some joke around the name that I don't quite get.
Listen: "Lee Majors Come Again"

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
Helplessness Blues
Squeal! Early buzz, already named by some to be the best album of the year (can you technically do that before it's released the year isn't even half done?) NPR has the full album stream, and it's pants-crapping-ly awesome. It maintains some of the best aspects of the band (namely, harmonies) but adds more instrumentation and more personal lyrics. Hittin' up the record store tomorrow after work, they better still have copies!
Watch: "Grown Ocean"

Other releases:

Yeasayer - End Blood single
Listen: "Swallowing the Decibels"

Antony & The Johnsons - Swanlights EP
Listen: "Kissing Noone"

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