Monday, May 23, 2011

New Music Tuesday - 05/24/2011

Friendly Fires - Pala
Post-punk meets dance at just about its best. Saw their video for "Kiss of Life" a couple of years ago when MTV was at least still showing the 3 A.M. block of videos. I immediately got the album, which didn't actually have the song on it (the version with that and two other bonus tracks was released a few months later). Anyways, all of it is excellent!
"Blue Cassette"

Joseph Arthur - The Graduation Ceremony
The Graduation Ceremony
The Black Keys aren't the only great musicians to come out of Akron, OH. (Besides Devo and The Pretenders) Joseph Arthur is also from the Rubber City. This was a Pandora discovery for me. He's supposed to be like Damien Rice. While his music is simple and folk-influenced, he sounds nothing like Rice, but is still amazing.
"Out on a Limb"

The Pierces - You & I
You & I
Continuing with the folk-inspired music, I heard of The Pierces when a number of their songs from Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge showed up on various TV shows, movies and commercials. There, they had a cabaret-esque sound that was unique and enjoyable. They've gotten away from that sound since, but it's still some beautiful music.
"We Are Stars"

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