Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Favorite Covers - 2011

NPR recently posted a list of what they considered to have been the five best covers of the year. While their choices were great, it got me thinking about which were my favorite this year. Presented below are my favorite covers of 2011!

The Black Keys - "Dearest"

This song earned the duo a Grammy nomination, for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and was the opening track from one of two Buddy Holly tribute albums released this year (and probably the best track from either of the two albums).

Atlas Sound - "Cool"

This cover got me into a band that I would have otherwise never heard of or listened to, Pylon. Dear Bradford Cox, nearly everyday, you give me something else to thank you for!

James Blake - "Limit to Your Love"

A great artist covering another great artist. James does a great job of both bringing it into his own style, but also staying more or less true to Feist's original.

Dum Dum Girls - "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"

Lush vocals, heavy guitars, the Dum Dum Girls are pretty much the modern female equivalent of The Smiths. Very true to the original version, it still fits perfectly within the band's sound.

The Horrors - "The Best Thing I Never Had"

I love it mainly because it's so unexpected. It's not often that goth/synth rockers cover music by pop/R&B acts, but it works incredibly well. I think they did Beyonce proud.

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