Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Young Adult

This week's movie was the new Diablo Cody/Jason Reitman (who previously collaborated on Juno) feature Young Adult.

The movie starred Charlize Theron as a recent divorcée who returns to her hometown to try to win back her high school sweetheart, who's now married with a newborn. Needless to say, she's pretty delusional. She spends her time in town drinking, hanging out with someone she mistreated in high school and flirting with her ex, as while being completely obvious. Inevitably, she makes a complete fool of herself at the child's naming ceremony.

Charlize Theron is always a treat to watch on screen, she backs up disarmingly good looks with actual talent. Other performances in the film surprised me, though. Like The Descendants, the movie featured people you don't normally associate with talented dramatic performances. In this case, it was comedian Patton Oswalt, who was incredible as the, literally tortured, high school outcast.

I would definitely recommend this movie! Though, I will warn you, it doesn't have a typical happy-go-lucky Hollywood ending and has many fairly cringe-worthy moments.

Mini soundtrack:

Suicidal Tendencies - "Pledge Your Allegiance"

4 Non Blondes - "What's Up"

Teenage Fanclub - "The Concept"

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