Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Music Tuesday - 12/13/2011

Anthony Hamilton - Back to Love

Mr. Hamilton was at his best with Comin' from Where I'm From in 2003, but has struggled a bit to recapture the magic of "Cornbread, Fish and Collard Greens" and the album's title track, getting a little too sappy on 2008's The Point of it All. This album promises to be a return to form, pulling in more of the dirty south, gospel and sexy slow jam influence present on his earlier work.
"Back to Love"

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Stage Whisper

She released an EP, Terrible Angels, just a few short months ago, but apparently that wasn't enough for her. Rather than just release a live album or a full-length studio album, she's releasing both. The live half features songs from both her studio albums (well, those released as an adult) and her last EP. The studio half is a collection of new songs, anchored by the title track of the EP. She has been incredibly prolific this year, having given birth, put out multiple releases and starred in a movie, Melancholia (which she was brilliant in)!
"Terrible Angels"

James Blake - Love What Happened Here

Dubstep is apparently so big that we're already in a post-dubstep world, with James Blake at the helm. Post-dubstep takes certain stylistic elements of dubstep, but mixes it with other genres, usually creating a sound that's more slowed down and atmospheric. This is his third release this year (fourth, if you count the "Order"/"Pan" single), so he seems to be trying to compete with Miss Gainsbourg up there! Post-dubstep isn't for everyone, even people who profess a love for dubstep, but James was definitely one of my favorite new artists this year!
"At Birth"

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