Tuesday, December 13, 2011

White Rabbits at Newport Music Hall

White Rabbits performed this past weekend at the Newport Music Hall near OSU in Columbus, Ohio. The band became one of my favorites a couple of years ago around the release of their last album, so I of course headed north to see them.

My friend and I got there early, saw the band walk out for a smoke and said hello to one of their drummers (yes, they had more than one). Upon entering the hall, few people were there, so we cozied up right next to the stage for prime viewing.

The show started with Sonoi, a band out of Chicago. I hadn't heard or heard of them before, but liked what they did. While there were vocals, the main focus was on the instrumentation, which was incredible. I was, at times, almost mesmerized by the precise playing style of the drummer (and, to be honest, by his looks). In a world of (usually) disappointing opening acts, these guys were definitely among the better that I've seen.

Next up were the main act, the White Rabbits! There had been the promise of new songs on this tour (apparently inspired by Beyonce), and they did not disappoint on that. They also played a number of songs from the two incredible albums they already have out, Fort Nightly and It's Frightening. I'm not sure yet how I feel about the newer songs, though I don't doubt that I'll come to love them once I'm able to spend a little more time with them. The unfamiliarity of the new tracks did not detract from the performance, the band was amazing!

Two great bands, another great concert!

Mini setlist:

"The Company I Keep"

"The Plot"

"Percussion Gun"

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