Saturday, November 21, 2015

Upcoming Album of the Week (Ending November 21)

As ever, my Upcoming Releases page is up and ready for perusing! Check out the albums, EPs, compilations and more that will have me excited over the coming months.

While just about everything in music may have been overshadowed this week by one particular release (Hello!), there were some spectacular new music announcements made. Among the news was Sarah Neufeld, Arcade Fire's former violinist, who announced her second solo record, The Ridge.

Although many of the band's collaborators are well-known for their solo work (i.e. Colin Stetson, Owen Pallett, David Bowie), Neufeld led a charge of solo work from the band's members when she released Hero Brother in 2013. She was shortly followed by Richard Reed Parry and Will Butler. She stepped back from being a full member of Arcade Fire following 2010's The Suburbs, though still contributed to the follow-up, Reflektor, and joined the band on the supporting tour.

After her debut album, she had two new releases last year; an EP, Black Ground, and a collaborative album, Never Were the Way She Was, with Stetson. But she will be back with a new solo full-length early next year.

The Ridge is set to be released February 26.

Also announced this week:

Cavern of Anti-Matter - Void Beats/Invocation Trex (February 19)
John Cale - M:FANS (January 22)
Major Lazer - Peace Is the Mission Extended (November 27)
Mass Gothic - Mass Gothic (February 5)
Ra Ra Riot - Need Your Light (February 19)
Ty Segall - Ty-Rex (November 27)
Wolfmother - Victorious (February 9)

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