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New Music Friday - November 6, 2015

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Jamie Woon - Making Time

Woon released a pretty awesome album, Mirrorwriting, back in 2011, then when almost completely silent. He started popping up again earlier this year, contributing vocals to Portico's Living Fields. At one point, he was considered to be a purveyor of post-dubstep music, but shifted more towards traditional R&B with this long-awaited follow-up.

Listen: "Celebration"
Listen: "Skin"

Grimes - Art Angels

"Surprise"-releases are very popular lately, which is becoming a bit frustrating. After teasing this latest release with a series of one-off singles since her 2012 album, Visions, Grimes announced that the album would be surprise released on iTunes with just one day's notice back in September. She became more forgiving with a timeline later on, giving the official release date at the end of October. I'm always happy to have a more solid date to look forward to, but even happier that it's a great album!

Watch: "Flesh without Blood”/“Life in the Vivid Dream"
Watch: "REALiTi"

Kate Boy - One

It's been a long wait for a debut album from this synthpop band. They received praise for a number of singles released over the past three years. The band waited longer to release an album than many other purveyors of their style. Some of whom, like Chvrches, Poliça, and Purity Ring, have released multiple records in that time. The band were perfectionists about this first album, putting in three years' worth of time to put out their best work.

Watch: "Midnight Sun"
Watch: "Higher"

Other Full-Length Releases

Haybaby - Sleepy Kids

Watch: "Doored"
Listen: "Elevator Song"

Made of Oak - Penumbra

Watch: "Side Rides"
Watch: "Pinebender"

Noun - Throw Your Body on the Gears and Stop the Machine with Your Blood

Watch: "Loveblood"
Listen: "Pain"

Palm - Trading Basics

Watch: "Ankles"
Listen: "Crank"


Watch: "First Mythz"
Listen: "Peace Upzzz"

Soldiers of Fortune - Early Risers

Listen: "Nails"
Listen: "Campus Swagger" (featuring Stephen Malkmus)

Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder - Indie 500

Watch: "Every Ghetto" (featuring Rapsody)
Listen: "Understand" (featuring Brother Ali & Planet Asia)

The Unspeakable Practices - The Unspeakable Practices

Listen: "Early Warning System"
Listen: "A Steadying Effect"

W-X - W-X

Listen: "Clean It Glen"

Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Busdriver - Thumbs

Watch: "Much"
Listen: "Surrounded By Millionaires" (featuring Daveed Diggs)

Björk - Vulnicura Strings (Vulnicura: The Acoustic Version)

Listen: "Lionsong"

Blanck Mass - The Great Confuso EP

Listen: "The Great Confuso Pt. 1"
Listen: "No Lite"

Bob Dylan - The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12

Watch: "Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues"
Listen: "Just Like a Woman"

GØGGS - "She Got Harder"

Listen: "She Got Harder"

Kurt Vile - Spotify Sessions EP

Puff Daddy - MMM

Watch: "Workin’"
Listen: "MMM" (featuring Future & King Loss)

Ride - Nowhere Reissue

Listen: "Nowhere"
Listen: "Vapour Trail"

Sam Smith - In the Lonely Hour: The Drowning Shadows Edition

Listen: "Drowning Shadows"

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