Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Director: Lenny Abrahamson
Writers: Emma Donoghue
Stars: Brie Larson (Ma/Joy), Jacob Tremblay (Jack), Sean Bridgers (Old Nick), Joan Allen (Nancy), William H. Macy (Robert)

Room tells the story of a young woman, Ma, and her son, Jack. Ma, real name Joy, has been a captive of Old Nick for seven years, and locked in a single 10x10 room the entire time. While imprisoned, she is impregnated and gives birth to a boy, who lives in the room with her. Ma does her best to keep Jack active and healthy despite their predicament. She has encouraged a certain myth about the scope of the world to her son, but reveals the realities of the world to him after his fifth birthday in order to bring him into her plan for escape.

For subject matter that can quickly turn depressing, Donoghue and Abrahamson succeed in making this a hopeful and uplifting film. It was also a well-acted film; one that completely changed my view of the lead actress.

Mini soundtrack:

Harry McClintock - "Big Rock Candy Mountain"
Jon Hopkins - "Campfire"
This Will Destroy You - "The Mighty Rio Grande"

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