Saturday, December 31, 2016

Andrew Bird at Madison Theatre

When: September 14, 2016
Where: Madison Theatre in Covington, KY

This year, Andrew Bird released what may well be one of my favorite albums of this year, Are You Serious?. It's become a favorite of my boyfriend's as well, and I'll often find him mindlessly humming the opening notes of "Capsized." When it was announced that his tour would be stopping in the Cincinnati area, a trip across the river was a no-brainer.

As has become a tradition whenever we attend shows at the Madison, we swung by Riverside, a spectacular Korean restaurant right down the street, for dinner. We got back to the Madison just in time to catch the end of the somewhat odd opening act's, Gabriel Kahane, set. We also ran into some good friends who, it turned out, had made a last minute decision to catch the show.

These friends provided some good entertainment between the sets. My friend Katie had stashed the day's crossword puzzle in her bag and I always have a pen with me, so we spent some time challenging our brains.

Andrew Bird came on stage and, without too much warning, launched into the very song that Adrian loves so much. He played songs spanning his 20-year career, though the highlight of the show was when he performed "Left-Handed Kisses" from his newest record. The song is originally a duet with Fiona Apple, but she was not in attendance, so he performed both parts, but kept the sneering back and forth of the recorded version.

It was a spectacular show and a great night with great friends!

Mini setlist:

"Pulaski at Night"
"Left-Handed Kisses"

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