Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm a little late on recounting my Tuesday movie night, but I caught a good show, so I simply must tell you about it.

This was a little bit of a different week for me. I had initially been planning to go to the local independent theater to catch !Women Art Revolution, but some friends wanted to see 50/50 at a larger theater and I couldn't pass it up (for, you see, I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

The movie, also starring Seth Rogen, is about a man with an unpronounceable spinal cancer as he deals with the changes in his relationships with his friends, girlfriend, parents, psychologist and pot-smoking fellow cancer patients. As the movie progresses, he begins to deal more and more with the possibility of his own mortality.

The movie's surprising in a lot of ways. Most of those surprises center around Seth Rogen. Going into the film, I felt as though he could easily make the movie all about him or his character, as it seems to be the case in many of his films. It wasn't however, while his was a major character, the film never delved far from focus on Joseph's character. In that same sense, I was surprised by the maturity of the movie. There were plenty of laughs, but it never felt like they were using cancer as a source of cheap jokes or crude humor (well...not that much).

If you hate everything Seth Rogen, I think this would be a good one to check out to get a different side of him.

Mini soundtrack:
Pearl Jam - "Yellow Ledbetter"

The Walkmen - "New Country"

Radiohead - "High & Dry"

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