Monday, October 3, 2011

New Music Tuesday - October 4, 2011

Damon Albarn - Kinshasa One Two

Albarn is one of those incredibly prolific musicians who's touched just about every genre. He's done everything from Britpop to electro-tinged hip hop. This time, he traveled to Africa (Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo to be specific) to record, with Tout Puissant Mukalo, an album that heavily incorporates the music of that country.

Feist - Metals

Oh, Leslie, it's been too long. Four years since The Reminder and the relatively "breakout" song "1234." Feist makes music that's fun to listen to, but that doesn't seem to lose its interest after just a few months. It's great to see her back and true to form. This is one of those squeal-worthy releases. Sqqqquuuuuueeeaallll!!
"How Come You Never Go There"

MGMT - Late Night Tales

This isn't a release of new material from the band. Late Night Tales is a series of releases that allow an artist or musician to showcase the music that has influenced them or that they love. They're always an interesting look into what's inspired an artist, and usually include some big surprises. Looking at their tracklist, it appears that MGMT has been inspired by post punk, electronic and indie rock...who knew? (sarcasm intended)
"All We Ever Wanted Was Everything" (Bauhaus cover)

Loney, Dear - Hall Music

Loney, Dear doesn't make the most exciting music, but his has always been a good listen for a lazy day. He makes good, simple pop music, which I guess is a requirement for the Swedish these days.
"Young Hearts"

Prince Rama - Trust Now

An ex got me into Prince Rama, I guess it's a wonder that I still listen to them, but I found their music to be quite intriguing. Yes, the music is kinda weird. There are psychedelic elements, but there seems to be chant-y, almost prayerful, elements. And, as their name somewhat implies, there's an element of Indian music. They're not easy to get into, but definitely make for an interesting listen.

Various Artists -The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams

When Hank Williams died in 1953, he left with a trove of unfinished songs to his name. For this release, a number of current artists recorded some of the "lost" songs he left behind. The artists compiled to finish Williams' lost work include Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Jack White and Sheryl Crow, among several others. Today, it's better to think of this homage to a great artist than the hate spewed by his own son earlier.
"How Many Times Have You Broke My Heart" (Norah Jones)

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