Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Tuesdays have become my official movie night; I've started to make a habit of heading to the local theater to catch mostly independent films and documentaries. I go on Tuesdays (or try to), since it's only $6!

Tonight, I saw Restless, a film by Gus Van Sant.

The movie stars Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Alice in Wonderland) and Henry Hopper (Dennis' youngest son). Henry is Enoch, a boy who likes to crash funerals and memorial services. At one of them, he meets Annabelle (Wasikowska), a terminally ill girl. They quickly fall for each other, but he of course has to deal with her impending death. Also, there's a Japanese ghost...for good measure.

The film has gotten lukewarm reviews, but I quite liked it. I think it's mostly due to Mia's charm. The movie also had a pretty good score; with music by Sufjan Stevens, Pink Martini and Bon Iver!

Mini soundtrack:
Sufjan Stevens - "Wolverine"

Pink Martini - "Sympathique"

Bon Iver - "Wisconsin"

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