Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New album from The Black Keys!

This is something I thought was a way's away. I knew that Dan and Pat were recording a new album, but didn't think it would actually be released until well into next year. Monday, though, I learned that the album, titled El Camino, would be released in fewer than two months!

The duo announced the album with a hilarious video featuring Bob Odenkirk from Mr. Show:

To go along with the faux car commercial is a website showing the El Camino for sale with some information on the condition of the car. There's also a phone number, which takes you to a pre-recorded message from drummer Pat regarding the vehicle.

The album artwork isn't as striking as that for Brothers, but the band shows that they're still willing to go against the norm when it comes to promoting and packaging their work. With most bands simply posting an ad on a website and visiting a few late shows, this definitely stands out.

I already know what may very well be topping my year-end list in January!

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