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New Music Friday - October 14, 2016

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles

Duchess Says is an electropunk band out of Canada who have been together for 13 years and three albums; the four member band is fronted by vocalist Annie-Claude DeschĂȘnes. On their latest record, they take inspiration from established punk and post-punk bands like the Dead Kennedys and Bauhaus, as well as electronic composers like John Carpenter.

Watch: "I Repeat Myself"
Listen: "Travaillez"

Jamie Lidell - Building a Beginning

Jamie Lidell had spent almost his entire career on the Warp label, but left recently to begin his own record label, Jajulin; this is his first album on that new label. With each subsequent record, the artist, who is known for expertly blending electronic and soul, moves further and further from the electronic elements of his music. Building a Beginning seems almost the culmination of that shift, with a sound pulling from gospel-inflected Southern soul.

Watch: "Walk Right Back"
Watch: "Building a Beginning"

Las Kellies - Friends & Lovers

Las Kellies is an all-female rock band from Argentina who formed in 2005. The Kelly comes from the surname of the band's frontwoman, Cecilia Kelly and each member of the band takes on the last name as their own stage name, hence Las Kellies (The Kellies). Friends & Lovers is their fifth album and first without founding member Betty Kelly. The album also sees them shifting away from funk and dub influences present on earlier work.

Watch: "Summer Breeze"
Watch: "I Don’t Care"

Swet Shop Boys - Cashmere

Swet Shop Boys is a trio made up of rappers Heems, formerly of Das Racist, and Riz MC, aka actor Riz Ahmed of HBO's The Night Of and the upcoming film Rogue One, along with producer Redinho. The project brings together three men of very different backgrounds. Heems is American of Punjabi descent, Riz is British of Pakistani descent, Redinho is a white British man. Their music often tackles issues of racism and profiling, perhaps a bit timely in our current political landscape.

Watch: "T5"

Uni Ika Ai - Keeping a Golden Bullseye in the Corner of My Mind

Uni Ika Ai is a young band out of Brooklyn fronted by Maia Friedman, and made up of members of Bobby, Via Audio, and Lucius. Before this debut album, they had only released a handful of singles, but have already earned praise for their work from sources like Stereogum.

Watch: "Soft in Ice"

Other Full-Length Releases

Ablebody - Adult Contemporaries

Watch: "Backseat Heart"
Watch: "Gaucho"

Black Marble - It’s Immaterial

Watch: "Iron Lung"
Watch: "Frisk"

C Duncan - The Midnight Sun

Watch: "Wanted To Want It Too"
Listen: "On Course"

Conor Oberst - Ruminations

Listen: "Counting Sleep"
Listen: "Tachycardia"

Donny McCaslin - Beyond Now

Listen: "Beyond Now"
Listen: "A Small Plot of Land"

Douglas Dare - Aforger

Watch: "Oh Father"
Watch: "New York"

Earwig - Pause for the Jets

Watch: "Wasted on You" (featuring Lydia Loveless)
Listen: "Wisdom Teeth"

The Game - 1992

Listen: "92 Bars"
Listen: "The Juice"

I Have a Tribe - Beneath a Yellow Moon

Listen: "After We Meet"
Listen: "La Neige"

Kuroma - The Dark Horse Rides Again

Listen: "Tennessee Walker"
Listen: "Perfect Girl"

Luke Roberts - Sunlit Cross

Watch: "Silver Chain" (featuring Kurt Vile)
Listen: "Untitled Blues"

Male Bonding - Headache

Listen: "Wrench"
Listen: "What’s Wrong?"

Purling Hiss - High Bias

Listen: "3000 AD"

Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow

Watch: "Are We Ready? (Wreck)"
Watch: "Bad Decisions"

Wax Tailor - By Any Beats Necessary

Watch: "Worldwide" (featuring Ghostface Killer)
Watch: "I Had a Woman"

Zeds Dead - Northern Lights
Watch: "Too Young" (featuring Rivers Cuomo & Pusha T)

Listen: "Stardust" (featuring Twin Shadow)

Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Beastie Boys - License to Ill Reissue

Watch: "(You Gotta Fight) For Your Right (To Party)"
Watch: "No Sleep till Brooklyn"

Cavern of Anti-Matter - I’m the unknown

Watch: "I’m the unknown"

The Duke Spirit - Serenade EP

Listen: "Throw Water on the Fire"

Lou Reed - The RCA & Arista Album Collection

Listen: "Walk on the Wild Side"
Listen: "Sally Can’t Dance"

Mike Mills - Concerto for Violin, Rock Band and String Orchestra

Mono - Requiem for Hell

Watch: "Requiem for Hell"
Listen: "Ely’s Heartbeat"

Only Yours - Only Yours

Listen: "Edge of My Dreams"

Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith

Listen: Julianna Hatfield - "Needle in the Hay"
Listen: Julien Baker - "Ballad of Big Nothing"

Van William - "Revolution"

Listen: "Revolution" (featuring First Aid Kit)

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