Saturday, November 19, 2016

Upcoming Album of the Week (Ending November 19)

Earlier this week, Jonathan Barnbrook, the graphic designer for David Bowie's Blackstar, told fans that they'd barely scratched the surface in discovering the secrets hidden in the album's artwork. Previously, the known secret was that the sleeve revealed a galaxy when exposed to light, but the announcement prompted the discovery of a slew of new secrets. It's exciting to know that, even in death, this great artist can still surprise us!

You can view a more comprehensive list of upcoming albums over at my Upcoming Releases page!

This week, The Magnetic Fields announced their first new album in five years, 50 Song Memoir.

Yes, this new album will have a total of 50 tracks, each touching on a year in the life of frontman and songwriter Stephin Merritt, who turned 50 in 2015. Albums of such a colossal scale are nothing new for the band, who released an even longer album, 69 Love Songs, in 1999.

The album was announced on Thursday, with five tracks being released alongside the announcement.

50 Song Memoir will be released on March 3.

Also announced this week:

2Leaves - Every Ocean Tells a Story (out now)
Brian Eno - Reflection (January 1)
Dutch Uncles - Big Balloon (February 17)
Hodgy Beats - Fireplace:TheNotTheOtherSide (December 9)
Jesca Hoop - Memories Are Now (February 10)
Jessy Lanza - Oh No No No (December 9)
Jhené Aiko - “Maniac” (out now)
Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness (January 27)
Serengeti + Sicker Man - Doctor My Own Happiness (December 9)
Sinkane - Life & Livin’ It (February 10)
Ty Segall - Ty Segall (January 27)
Xiu Xiu - FORGET (February 24)

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