Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best and worst dressed at the Grammys

I love Grammys fashion because the stars tend to be braver and choose more interesting fashion choices. While other awards shows will see a lot of beautiful dresses, the Grammys are where things get interesting and it's always fun to watch.

Best Dressed

5. Nicole Kidman in Jean-Paul Gualtier
Nicole Kidman
So it takes the Grammys to make this woman dress like she should. It's not the most interesting dress of the night (but some of the others are hard to beat), but it's flattering on her and I have a hard time, for once, finding something I really dislike about it.

4. Julianne Hough in Malandrino
Julianne Hough
This was one of the prettiest dresses I saw on the red carpet. Julianne Hough usually isn't big on the fashion radar, but this was one of the best choices of the night.

3. Rihanna in Jean-Paul Gaultier
What I like about Rihanna is that she does edgier fashion without it looking like a gimmick (and, yes, that was a jab at the Gaga), I honestly feel like it's truly her style to dress like she does and she usually looks amazing. She does edgy romantic really well and this is another great example.

2. Selena Gomez in J. Mendel
Selena Gomez
Wow! She looks amazing. It's still really easy for me to pass Miss Gomez off as just another teen queen. Maybe she is, but she does have an amazing sense of style. She looked incredible.

1. Florence Welch in Givenchy
Florence Welch
I'm probably biased since I love her music so much, but this was by far my favorite gown of the evening. It was unconventional and avant-garde, but romantic at the same time. And I loved the bright pop in the back.

Worst Dressed

5. Katy Perry in Giorgio Armani
Katy Perry
This was just too much. I feel like Katy's trying to push forward this image of herself as something other than what she actually is and I'm not buying it. Angel wings...seriously???

4. La Roux
La Roux
I'm a big fan of menswear, but at the point that I see red carpet pictures of you and actually think it's a picture of a man, you need to find a way to feminize it.

3. Jennifer Hudson in Versace
Jennifer Hudson
This would have been one of my favorites if it weren't for the bodice. Nothing should do that to your chest!

2. Hayley Williams in Jeremy Scott
Hayley Williams
No no no no no no no! Looks like a slutty 13-year-old (or prostitot) playing dress up.

1. Snooki
I've been asking this question of the Kardashians for the past couple of years and now I guess I'll be asking it about this girl: Why is she even there??? Looks like an Oompa Loompa playing the flag football sparkle division.

WTF of the night
Lady Gaga, of course. You all know what she showed up in, it's not even worth posting pictures...

all pictures from fabsugar.com

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