Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rodarte all the way

Rodarte is one of my favorites among the newer design houses. The designers behind the brand, The Mulleavy Sisters, designed most of the costumes in The Black Swan and much of their work follows that same romantic feel. Being such a hot item, they of course showed at this Fashion Week. The collection featured some beautiful, flowy skirted matched with more structured pieces and a lot of interesting details.

Rodarte F11

The girls of Rodarte have also continued their film work beyond The Black Swan. They were involved in a recent fashion short-film featuring their clothes on Elle Fanning with music by Deerhunter, directed by Todd Cole. It's a beautiful video and Elle seems just perfect in the clothes. And, it being Deerhunter, I absolutely love the music. As much as Rodarte seems to have a continued future in costuming films, I think Bradford Cox may have a future in scoring films!

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