Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm done waiting for Weezer

It's no secret that the band Weezer hasn't been at the top of their game lately. The music on their last three albums (kinda last four, but I don't mind Make Believe) just sounds like a band trying to hold on to a sound they did well 15 years ago, but have since grown out of. I've been optimistic, though, hoping and believing that they would realize that they should stop trying to appeal to the masses and just make good music. They are capable of that.

However, I saw something today that makes me think it's a lost cause at this point. Weezer has recorded the jingle for State Farm. Obviously, all they really care about anymore is a buck.

Ah well, maybe one day they'll see the light. And, at least, most of their side projects are pretty good...

Video of the jingle below, if you think you can stomach it:

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  1. Haha. I used to be a massive weezer fan - had hundreds of demos and bootlegs and b-sides and other unreleased stuff on my computer. After Make Believe I finally gave up on them. They were obviously going in a direction none of the old generation of weezer fans cared for. It kinda started with the Green album, and then Maladroit was just god-awful. Figured I'd give them another shot and then they put out Make Believe which was okay at the time, but I think I was just convincing myself of that more than it was actually true. Anyway, I haven't even listened to any of the albums after that one. This State Farm thing is not surprising, but I actually find it kind of hilarious, and lyrics aside, it actually reminds me more of 'classic' weezer than anything I've heard in a long time (save for "Tragic Girl" which is a recently released pinkerton demo I think). They're either just trying to make a buck, or they're trying to make a joke of it by taking something as silly as the State Farm jingle so seriously.

    As a side note, I recently went to Chicago and saw weezer live. It was the "Memories" tour in which they play each city two nights in a row, and on the first night they play a "greatest hits" set and then the Blue album straight through, and then the second night they play another "greatest hits" set and then Pinkerton straight through. I was worried it might suck, but it was actually very awesome. Since those are my two favorite albums it was the most perfect conditions under which I could see weezer live, finally.

    -Michael Roberts