Sunday, February 13, 2011

White Stripes meet The Morning Benders: Yellow Ostrich

A couple of days ago, I posted on Take Away Shows. Well, I was still perusing their selection at the time and came across something pretty amazing, Yellow Ostrich. Their music is hard to classify; as the title states, they sometimes evoke The White Stripes (really only on one song) and The Morning Benders, as well as some Fanfarlo and Neutral Milk Hotel.

I've already ordered their album, The Mistress, out Tuesday on vinyl, which apparently is bright yellow in color! I can't wait, though I already have the mp3 and the whole album is streaming on Bandcamp. Check out what, I think, is their best song, "WHALE."

If you like what you hear, they are offering their album à la Radiohead, as in, name your own price. You can download it for free if you'd like, or pay $100, it's up to you!

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