Wednesday, February 9, 2011

These music videos smell like honey

R.E.M. - "Mine Smell Like Honey"

The band released a lyric video for this song a couple of weeks ago, but now they have an actual video. It features a group of people painstakingly flipping Michael Stipe up several flights of stairs and then leaving him in what look like uncomfortable positions at each flight. Gotta imagine how they felt when they responded to the call for extras...

The New Pornographers - "Moves"

This video tells the story of the "Rise and Rise of the New Pornographers." They got a lot of famous people in this one (including half the correspondents from "The Daily Show"). There's a lot of awesome talent, but I'm not sure that I like the video much. It's interesting, to say the least.

Toro Y Moi - "New Beat"

I know Urban Outfitters did a lot of in-store music promotion, but this is the first I've heard of them actually producing an artist's music video. The video certainly has a very UO feel to it (not a bad thing in my opinion). And they picked a great artist to throw their muscle behind.

Jenny & Johnny - "Big Wave"
Video (couldn't grab the html, so link!)
These two are a very cute couple and they look good together in this dreamy, hazy video. But then they add blood and it just gets weird. I say, either more blood or none at all. Great song though, I love Jenny Lewis's ability to combine country with more laid-back chill vibes.

Erykah Badu - "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long"

Erykah Badu is just cool. She's seriously one of those people I wish I could be more like. The video is awesome; simple, but telling as Badu moves through a factory floor with Big Brother-like television monitors watching her as she progresses. She always has these messages in her videos that I can't completely understand. I think that's what I like about her.

Akron/Family - "Silly Bears"

My new favorite band has a new album out and this new video for its first track. Colorful, psychedelic and crazy demonic teddy bears. Awesome!

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