Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rocking new videos

Ok, so only two of these videos are really "rocking," the other two are ethereally popping and noisily popping, respectively.

Symbolic: Lia Ices - "Daphne"

Every time I see Lia, I'm struck by how gorgeous she is. Her music is equally beautiful. This is one of those videos with a lot of high-level symbolism; you know the artist is going for something lofty and maybe it gets a little lost on the audience. But it's still a good video to watch.

Simple: Vivian Girls - "I Heard You Say"

This video features the three girls of the band in a frozen forest wearing matching furs and in a dinky motel room wearing matching dresses. The hotel room starts to burn around them about halfway through the song, but of course they don't notice. Love the song, which is from their upcoming album, Share the Joy.

Trippy: The Kills - "Satellite"

A video that looks like it was filmed at the tail-end of a very crazy night. With fish and chips! Great song, cool video, can't wait for the album to drop.

Just Plain Awesome: The Black Keys - "Howlin' for You"

I guess The Black Keys are big-time now. This video features a slew of famous faces, including Todd Bridges in his best role since "Diff'rent Strokes." The fake trailer is cool, but the song itself gets a bit lost in all of it.

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